Contract. A professional philosophy, from start to finish.
We transform the vision of our clients into unique, bespoke projects that are customized thanks to a well-coordinated process. We involve our customers each step of the way, as we design, manufacture and install our furniture, up to after-sales assistance, providing turnkey solutions with all-encompassing service.

Our complete furniture design projects range from hotels, residences, holiday villages and resorts, restaurants, bars and other public spaces. We provide start-to-finish management of the entire process, adapting it to each building type.

This is our Contract service, allowing clients to place their absolute trust in Maxhotel products. Trust that is then reinforced by the high quality of the materials we use, our efficiency, and the timely, courteous delivery of true-to-design final products.
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Building categories
Hotels >

The perfect furnishings for each space and facility: rooms, bathrooms and any other part of the hotel. We create custom, bespoke projects in various decorative styles (from classic to contemporary and even extremely minimal and modern) to offer guests unrivalled comfort and make their stay absolutely unforgettable.

Resorts and holiday villages
Resorts and holiday villages >

Furnishing holiday villages and resorts is always a point of pride for Maxhotel. With the input of our creatives and nationally and internationally renowned architects, we’ve furnished entire luxury apartments and residences, from bedrooms to kitchens, bathrooms, saunas and living rooms.

Common areas
Common areas >

We believe that halls and reception lobbies, spas and wellness centres, meeting rooms and other common areas should and must convey creativity and elegance. This is precisely why we design welcoming, high-impact spaces that truly stand out.

Restaurants and bars
Restaurants and bars >

Furnishing restaurants and bars requires complete competence in the study and organization of spaces to make them pleasant for both customers and employees. Style and customization then add the unique touch that characterizes all Maxhotel projects.